SRWs Along White Oak Bayou Serve Important Role

Segmental Retaining Wall units from Best Block are being used to reinforce hiking and biking trails along Houston's new White Oak Bayou Greenway.

While these natural areas are a logical spot for relaxation, they also serve an important role in the city's stormwater management plan. "These bayous provide a natural flow of water," says Best Block's David Gonzales. "They disperse waters to other nearby bayous and ultimately Galveston Bay."

As the new greenway was being developed, civil engineers looked for products able to standup to rapid flow velocities, face spalling and destructive impact from floating debris.

The landscape architect selected Versa-Lok® Standard segmental retaining wall units for the job. "Versa-Lok Standard SRWs are solid, durable, high-strength concrete units that make the system highly resistant to damage," says Gonzales.

"This free-draining system has no mortar between units and allows water to weep through joints behind the wall. This helps minimize hydrostatic pressure behind the wall."

So far the system has withstood two major flooding events. "When the water receded the walls were still in place," notes Gonzales. "The walls remained aesthetically pleasing and functional."

Segmental Wall Systems are generally easier and faster to construct than systems requiring formwork or poured, reinforced footing. SRW systems can also be install manually without the need for heavy equipment.

The large commercial units are produced at Best Block's Alleyton, Texas facility and are also used for retention ponds, lake and stream shorelines and numerous other water applications.

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